Data analysis & strategy

Most businesses are just now realizing the treasure hidden in existing data and data gathered by their digital assets. Are you struggling to evaluate and gather existing data in your organization? Does your business make strategic decisions based on actual data analysis or are you trying to guess?

Let me help you collect and evaluate existing data and make sense out of it. Together we will define useful signals in your data and help you make better strategic decisions. Data is the raw treasure you already have, let us make it work for you.

Let’s analyze and move forward

Collect & evaluate

Having helped countless organizations to collect and evaluate data across their digital assets to make informed decisions, gain more insight into your processes and customer journey. We will break down your data points into valuable insights and set the base for data assisted decisions.

Data strategy

Are you improving internal processes backed by real data? Do you adapt to customer needs using insights from your existing data? Let’s find ways to use real data as part of strategic decision making. Act on customer signals instead of reacting to frustrated customers. Secure your data and govern it properly.

Working with data

Collecting and learning from your data is only the beginning. Production processes, key account management and customer care can all benefit from new insights into your data. Assist sales and customer care with the power of bots. Make a leap forward using machine learning and AI to improve business intelligence.

Clients trusting my expertise

Silvan is a digital professional through and through. He understands the relevant connections for business far beyond the web and thus offers technically sustainable solutions that lead to measurable success. Working with Silvan is an immense enrichment for me. I can highly recommend him.

Piotr Metelski, Co-CEO Picture Planet Gmbh
Co-CEO of Picture-Planet GmbH

The future of business is data-assisted

In order to build a lean business structure, you should act now and learn how to incorporate data-driven decision making into the core of your organization. Whether you know it or not, you already have a lot of data in your business, way beyond financial reporting, orders and inventory. Amazing things can happen if you apply the same importance to other data points available to you. From human resources to your website to the performance of your sales team, every data point can help you make more informed decisions. There are a lot of different systems to integrate with, but don’t despair, more and more tools become available to guide you through your data. A proper data strategy can have a huge impact on staff happiness and reduce turnover, help you become a more human centered business and therefore improve your brand and visibility among your target audience.

Here is a brief outline of the steps I recommend taking when you are ready to transition into the digital space. Whether you are just beginning or need a new perspective:

  1. Bird’s-eye view

    Take a step back and get a bird’s-eye view on all your digital assets and current strategies applied to them.

  2. Collect and analyze

    Make sure you collect and analyze all the existing data in your organization.

  3. Get to know your customers

    Learn more about your customers by taking a deep dive into your customer journey and by analyzing potential shortcomings.

  4. Re-define your strategy

    Based on your learning from the previous steps, it’s time to re-define your strategy and values.

  5. Measure success

    Ensure all the changes are measurable and you are collecting data about the changes.

  6. Repeat!

    Similar to budget and market strategy, your digital and data strategies deserve care and adjustments over time.

Recommended services and books

Below are a few recommended services and books that I used before and can highly recommend to anyone willing to embrace the digital journey within their organization.

Service: TestingTime for user testing

The Swiss startup TestingTime gives you access to a pool of over 200’000+ real test users for your website, app or service. They schedule remote and on-site user testing for you. I recommend to do regular tests with 3-5 users in each group to get the most out of it.

Book: Digital Adaptation

Paul Boag has written a wonderful primer for senior management on how to tackle digital adaptation in your organization. The web has changed the rules of business. The best practices of the industrial economy no longer apply in the digital age. What was once safe ground is no longer so, and organizations need to adapt.