Portrait of Silvan Hagen, Swiss entrepreneur, digital consultant & web developer

I’m a Swiss entrepreneur, digital consultant & web developer.

Making businesses succeed with web projects, shaping digital strategies and putting sense into data.

Clients trusting my expertise

Digital Consulting

Digital transformation is everywhere, but what does it actually mean for your business? Consumers are more connected than ever and expectations for customer experience are rising. This might sound scary to you, but with an open mind and a great strategy applied, it offers amazing opportunities for businesses of all sizes.


WordPress powers more than a third of all websites on the internet. It’s a powerful and flexible open source content management system. Since 2006 I have been building sites, online shops with WordPress and coaching teams to use it as their platform of choice.

Data analysis & strategy

Most businesses are just now realizing the treasure hidden in existing data and data gathered by their digital assets. Are you struggling to evaluate and gather existing data in your organization? Does your business make strategic decisions based on actual data analysis or are you trying to guess?

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