Enjoy some impressions from tonights WordPress Zurich meetup. It’s meetup number eight and the fine folks from Liip hosted us again.

Ivo Marino talked about their amazing Vagrant/Ansible Workflow, a truly beautiful and advanced setup for WordPress and now Laravel 5 too.

“Vagrant provides 1 host for dev and 3 hosts for stage, for dev you only need one node, the 3 stage nodes simulate prod.”

Andy Feuz gave us some insights on his Perfect Mix to Create a Hybrid App using the ionic framework, AngularJS and WordPress.

Reasons for a hybrid app? The guy who did the WordPress site can do it :-)

In case you share my passion for WordPress and happen to be in Zurich, feel free to join the official WordPress Zurich Meetup group.

Larger versions of the pictures can be downloaded from Flickr.

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