WordPress powers more than a third of all websites on the internet. It’s a powerful and flexible open source content management system. Since 2006 I have been building sites, online shops with WordPress and coaching teams to use it as their platform of choice.

With it’s huge community and ecosystem, WordPress can be used for simple sites, complex ecommerce solutions and enterprise portals alike. Let me help you find the perfect freelancer or agency for your next website or get your team up to speed with WordPress.

Let’s build and ship together

Get it built

Finding a great freelancer or agency for your next project can be difficult. Having worked on both sides, as agency owner and as a client, I can help you getting your briefing ready, vetting the proposals and selecting an agency or freelancer that matches your budget and needs.

Bulletproof plans

Are you planning to build a new WordPress site and are unsure what ecommerce platform, membership solution, event booking system to build upon? Let us discuss your technical specifications and I’ll ask the right questions, so you can start building with confidence.

Don’t fear change

Are you or your clients stuck with a slow and expensive legacy CMS? Let me bring your team up to speed with WordPress to ship faster. We will cover all you need: Theme development, plugin development, site migration, user roles and capabilities and how to do maintenance.

Clients trusting my expertise

Silvan is someone who gets the web. He understands how we’ve evolved beyond websites into a digital realm with many different moving pieces. If your organization is looking for more than just a developer — but a digital partner driving business value, hire him.

Noel Tock, partner at Human Made
Chief Growth Officer and Partner at Human Made

WordPress Community

WordPress wouldn’t thrive without it’s inclusive and diverse community. For many years I’ve been part of this global community and volunteered as an organizer and speaker for WordCamps (WordPress conferences) and the WordPress Zürich meetup (local meetup group).


Apart from organizing meetups and WordCamps, I had the honour to speak at many events in the past and share my knowledge with audiences across Europe, here are a few talks:

Recommended WordPress plugins, themes & services

The WordPress ecosystem offers multiple ways to solve any problem you might run into. There are 50’000+ free plugins available on the official plugin repository and around 5000+ free themes as well. Sometimes those are not enough and you are looking for a premium theme or plugin to fulfill your needs, here are my recommendations for some of the best plugins, themes and services for WordPress:


Codeable – hire amazing WordPress freelancers

In the past, I had the pleasure to meet both co-founders, Per and Tomaž, at numerous WordCamps in Europe. They built an excellent service for both freelancers and businesses in need of WordPress development work with Codeable. The quality and specialties the freelancers on the platform offer is truly amazing. As an experienced WordPress developer, I’m very happy to recommend clients that need additional developer services to Codeable. So be sure to check them out for your next WordPress development project.


WP Migrate DB Pro – Site and database migrations

A long time favorite, this plugin and it’s amazing extensions allow you to easily migrate the database, media files, even plugins and themes from one instance of your WordPress website to another. It takes a lot of pain out of site migrations and copying an entire site to another server or to your local development environment become an easy task. Check out WP Migrate DB Pro from the company with the best name in the business: Delicious Brains Inc.

Gravity Forms – Easily build complex forms

From a simple contact form (like the one on this site), to basic ecommerce solutions or surveys and quizzes to signup forms connected to any newsletter service or CRM. The possibilities with Gravity Forms are endless, it offers a great interface for the end user and a powerful API for developers. There are countless form builders for WordPress out there, IMHO none match Gravity Forms from Rocketgenius.

More of my favorite plugins will follow shortly.


GeneratePress – Lightweight multipurpose theme

Since 2006 I have built and used countless themes for WordPress. I even built a starter theme that we used at required for quite a few high-profile clients. As a developer, I enjoy the freedom GeneratePress gives me. As an online marketeer I’m impressed by the performance and flexibility. With the premium add-on (which I highly recommend) you get the flexibility to build impressive sites without much coding necessary. With constant updates and an excellent customer support, I couldn’t be happier. Check out GeneratePress and it’s premium add-on for your next project.

Elmastudio – Beautiful niche themes

Ellen and Manuel build beautiful themes that help you stand out from the crowd. If you need a theme to start a new blog quickly or want a beautiful portfolio site or run an ecommerce site, be sure to check out their amazing themes. In case you are new to the world of WordPress, Ellen teaches a few classes on WordPress and blogging in general. So be sure to check out Elmastudio.

Learn WordPress

There are countless resources available to improve your WordPress game, from theme development, to plugin development, performance and hosting WordPress at scale. Here are some of my favorites:

Javascript for WP

In 2015, Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress addressed the community and recommended to “Learn JavaScript, Deeply”. With the growing usage of the WordPress REST API and the new block editor, released in WordPress 5.0, the need to be fluent in Javascript gets more important everyday. Javascript is now the “lingua franca” of the web and it keeps growing and growing. For those who didn’t have a chance yet to catch-up or are a little rusty when it comes to modern day Javascript, I can highly recommend the amazing courses Learn Javascript Deeply with Zac Gordon. Zac is a great teacher and the courses offered will bring you up to speed in a rather short time.

Official handbooks & code reference

The official handbooks are the go to solution for almost anything regarding WordPress development. On the official WordPress website, you will find WordPress Developer Resources. This growing collection of code references and handbooks will teach you how to build plugins, themes, how to use the the WordPress command line interface, the REST API and soon everything about the new block editor. Be sure to bookmark the site and visit it regularly.

More of my favorite places to improve your skills, will follow shortly.

Articles on WordPress

Here are my latest posts on WordPress containing ready to use code snippets, reviews and opinions on plugins, tools and much more: