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About me

Ohh you made it to the about page. Writing about yourself, is not that easy. So let’s get to it. I’m a Swiss entrepreneur, digital consultant, web developer, former web-agency founder & owner, former startup CTO and former food gardener. If you are interested in my professional qualifications, check out my LinkedIn profile.


I built my first website in 2001, when I was still in school. I was hooked and went on to become a web developer, freelancer and an agency founder. Together with my then partners at required, we built Freshjobs, the job board for the Swiss web industry.

Last time I counted, I helped build and ship over 250 web projects, ranging from simple business sites to ecommerce solutions up to complex enterprise portals. I’m interested in how technology shapes society and love switching from a macro view on details to a bird’s-eye view to see the bigger picture in order to help businesses succeed.

Web development

As a web developer my passion is to build easy to use solutions and I long understood that the data model is almost never the mental model our users follow. My tools of choice are PHP, Laravel, Javascript, HTML, CSS, WordPress and a bit of Python.

Want to learn more?

Find me elsewhere on social media, you can almost be certain if you encounter a neverything on a platform, that it's going to be me.

Check out Github, Twitter or Instagram for example. Feel free to get in touch by contacting me.

About me