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The Driven Ones

Online Marketing with Twitter (X) and Google Search Ads for The Driven Ones by Piet Baumgartner

Google Search and X (Twitter) Ads for a Movie Premiere

For the premiere of his movie "The Driven Ones", the director and author Piet Baumgartner asked me for creative online marketing ideas. We decided to try X (Twitter) ads and Google Search Ads on top of the existing marketing efforts coordinated by the distributor.

Status: ✅ Completed
Duration: 2023


With a very limited budget, we managed to get thousands of extra clicks on X and Google, including a reaction by the University of St. Gallen. The movie exceeded the expectations of both Piet and the distribution company and is nominated for the Swiss Films Award in the category Best Documentary Film.

About the Movie

Over the course of five years THE DRIVEN ONES follows tomorrow's business elite: from their studies in the best master's program worldwide through to the first years of their careers.

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