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Wire in the Wild

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Wire in the Wild a collection of Livewire projects.

A collection of real world Laravel Livewire projects

Wire in the Wild is a curated list of projects using Laravel Livewire. It all started when my friend and former colleague Samuel asked whether Livewire was still growing and if it was mainly used for internal tools. So I wanted to showcase Livewire projects in the wild.

Status: 🟢 Live and ongoing
Duration: 2023 -

Wire in the Wild - Real World Laravel Livewire Projects
Wire in the Wild collects Laravel Livewire and TALL Stack projects. Feel free to add yours, the more the merrier.

What is Wire in the Wild?

As a huge fan of Laravel and Laravel Livewire, I wanted to showcase and collect real world projects using my favorite tech stack. Wire in the wild was born. Building the first public version took me about 8 hours including email notifications, file uploads and a customized user registration with magic login links.

Users can add Laravel Livewire projects to the growing collection. Each new entry is checked according to the guidelines before it is published in order to reduce spam and other non-compliant entries.

A talk about Wire in the Wild (Video)

Laravel Meetup Talk: Wire in the Wild
A Laravel Meetup talk about Wire in the Wild, a growing collection of real world Laravel Livewire projects. It uses Laravel Volt and Livewire 3

Tech stack

Let's talk a bit about the tech stack. Under the hood we are using the powerful Laravel framework with Livewire. The site is styled with the wonderful Tailwind CSS framework and hosted on a Hetzner server in Germany. For privacy friendly analytics I'm using Pirsch, check out the live dashboard.

Create social share images automatically

Create Social Share Images with Laravel
Learn how to create social share images using Laravel. The images shown, when a public link is shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, X and messengers.

How the passwordless login works

Laravel Passwordless Magic Login Link with Breeze
Implement password-less logins with a magic login link sent to your email instead. Code for the Laravel Breeze & the Passwordless Login package

Want to know more?

Do you have an idea for Wire in the Wild? Need my help building a similar application?

Feel free to get in touch on twitter or through my contact page.

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