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Laravel Meetup Talk: Wire in the Wild

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When one of the speakers for the Laravel Switzerland Meetup had to cancel last minute, my buddy Ruslan, the organizer, asked who could step up. I took the chance to talk about my project Wire in the Wild, a growing collection of real world Laravel Livewire projects.

With little time to prepare the talk, I packed it with the following:

The video about Wire in the Wild

Video of the talk at the Laravel Switzerland Meetup about Wire in the Wild

More about Wire in the Wild

Check out the project and feel free to add a Laravel Livewire project to the growing collection:

Wire in the Wild - Real World Laravel Livewire Projects
Wire in the Wild collects Laravel Livewire and TALL Stack projects. Feel free to add yours, the more the merrier.

Learn more about how and why I built Wire in the Wild:

Wire in the Wild
A collection of real world Laravel Livewire projects Wire in the Wild is a curated list of projects using Laravel Livewire. It all started when my friend and former colleague Samuel asked whether Livewire was still growing and if it was mainly used for internal tools. So I wanted to

On top of this, I published a tutorial on how to use passwordless logins with magic login links in Laravel Breeze and another one about creating social share images on the fly for each project on Wire in the Wild.

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