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Your passport to the metaverse

Verze is a project that I started working on in 2021 with two of my dearest friends. We set out to explore the possibilities of the newly shaped web3 space. Offering a home for your collection on the Solana blockchain.

Status: 🔴 Terminated for now
2021 - 2023

What is Verze?

With Verze we set out explore who we really are in the metaverse. Not in a Zuckerberg kind of way, no. Verze allows you to share what you collect and love with like minded people in a minimalist approach.

Here is our beloved phone pitch deck, prepared for Solana Breakpoint 2021 in Lisbon. The feedback was amazing as nobody seems to have seen a pitch deck for a phone before ⬇️

Screenshot of the Verze pitch deck in Sketch
Verze initial phone 📱 pitch deck

The problem we found in web3

Web3 offers new ways of connecting and participating in communities for art collection, gaming and social, but because of the decentralised nature of web3, identities often are a jumble-mumble of letters and numbers, your wallet address to be precise.

This in turn makes the experience less immersive and therefore less complete when diving into your favorite game or art collection and only be represented by ACrn...9J1x .

Solution #1: Passport API (planned)

This solution will be built on top of the existing wallet connectors and with your consent as a user dApps will be able to get metadata from your Verze passport. For example leaderboards in games like Star Atlas will be displaying your Verze nickname instead of parts of your wallet address.

Solution #2: Your profile (beta released)

It's like having an instagram profile, but with your most valuable collectables. It looks something like this: https://🐻🚀👾 As an added benefit, every user gets to choose 3 or more emojis for their emoji subdomain. There will an Verze Genesis NFT launch which will allow you to buy and own a single emoji subdomain.

Profile page of the Verze web3 passport page
My profile page on Verze

Solution #3: The feed (beta released)

To see what your peers are up to, you can go to your personalized feed and add or remove other Verzians by using their profile nickname or wallet address. This will become more interesting with guilds and groups showing their combined collections in the future.

Tech stack

Let's talk a bit about the tech stack. Under the hood we are using the powerful Laravel framework with Livewire and for the wallet adapter, we built on top of the existing React based tools available and make talk to our app using Livewire. To connect to the Solana blockchain we use the Solana PHP SDK.

Fun fact: Up to 10k jobs are processed in the background every hour to ensure your profile and feed are updated with the latest on-chain data.

Want to know more?

Do you have an idea for Verze? Need my help building a similar application?

Feel free to get in touch on twitter or through my contact page.

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